Aax • PC Windows • Rtas • Standalone • Vst • Vst3 • x64 • x86 TBProAudio – bundle 2019.2 (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-26

Description : Set of 16 plugins: AB_LM v1.6.3 – gain control, allowing you to compare and match the volume levels with the sample in the FX circuit (AB comparison). The plugin will be useful in situations when mixing or mastering, when it will be necessary to quickly determine the effect of a particular plugin (FX) or even a complex FX circuit on the sound.
PC Windows • Software • x64 MAGIX – Audio Cleaning Lab [Win x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-26

Description : MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is ideal for digitizing records and other analog media, as well as for recovering damaged records. Thanks to the convenience and ease of operation, but at the same time, the presence of the most powerful professional functions (such as, for example, spectral mapping) you can quickly and effectively solve problems of any complexity.
Great sound quality – By eliminating noise and interference fro...

PC Windows • Vst • x64 • x86 SoloStuff – SoloRack 1.4.1 (VSTi) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-26

Description : SoloRack is a modular synthesizer that simulates the usability and functionality of Eurorack hardware modular systems without imposing restrictions on sound. It is possible to emulate both analog models and purely digital modules. Even experienced Eurorack users will find something new in almost all available modules, while maintaining familiarity and similarity with Eurorack for ease of use and seamless integration into Eurorack...

Au • Mac OSX • PC Windows • Vst • Vst3 • x64 Nektar Technology – Bolt 1.0 (VSTi, VSTi3, AUi) [WIN.OSX x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-26

Description : MIDI controller manufacturer Nektar Technology has developed its first virtual instrument – BOLT.
The synthesizer supports 16 voice polyphony and offers 2 oscillators per voice. Each of the main oscillators has an additional sub oscillator, a noise generator and an ADSR envelope. The sound synthesis mechanism of the program is based on the MSO concept and generates sound directly in the oscillator without using the fil...

Aax • PC Windows • Rtas • Vst • Vst3 • x64 • x86 TBProAudio – gEQ12 2.0.1 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-21

Description : GEQ 12 – 12 band stereo / MS graphic equalizer with accurate spectrum analyzer and minimal \ linear phase mode.
Modern mixing and mastering processes require a full-featured, yet easy-to-use equalizer that can accurately shape the tone of a track, bass or master track. EEQ 12 provides all the necessary tools in one package with some unique features. The display shows the spectrum curve of the incoming and outgoing sign...

Aax • PC Windows • Vst • Vst3 • x64 • x86 MeldaProduction – MAudioPlugins 12.11 (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-20

Description : MeldaProduction MTotalBundle – the latest collection of effects, currently has 101 MTotalBundle plug-in that turns your computer into a top-class professional sound studio. The set contains all the necessary effects for writing music, mixing and mastering. Includes both traditional effects and revolutionary technologies that will make the sound of your recordings incredible. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and m...

Au • Mac OSX • Vst • Vst3 Arturia – Synclavier V 2.0.2 (VSTi, VSTi3, AUi) [MacOSX]

Post By Admin : 2019-02-20

Description : The original Synclavir is a digital synthesizer that combines several synthesis options: additive, FM, and also the so-called Timbre Frame – in fact it is a resynthesis technology based on combining arbitrary microsamples into a chain in the same sequence. Synclavier was actually created as a computer based on a 16-bit microprocessor, which was connected to a simple five-octave keyboard. The tools were used by Michael Jacks...