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Positive Grid – BIAS AMP v2.2.1.1289 (STANDALONE, VST, AAX) [Win x64]

Together with the updated interface, Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 offers a redesigned DSP engine and an increased number of available virtual devices. In the new version emulations of 12BH7, 12AY7, 6550 and KT88 lamps, as well as impulses of the speakers from Celestion are added. Most of them can be used not only together with electric guitar, but a...

Steinberg – Cubase Elements 9.5.21 Build 3 [Win x64]

Cubase Elements is the basic version of the improved product from Steinberg. Virtual instruments (HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE and Prologue) are available.
The digital sound workstation Cubase from the developer Steinberg has long won the trust of musicians around the globe. This is a great tool that allows you not only to create music...

Steinberg – HALion (STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX) [Win x64]

Year / Date of Issue : 12/14/2017
Version :
Developer : Steinberg
Developer’s website : Steinberg
Bit depth : 64bit
Language : English
Tabletka : Present (Team VR)
System requirements :
64 Bit Windows 7/8/10
VST 2, VST 3 or AAX compatible host application for using as plug-in <...

Mercuriall – Spark v1.1.1 (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x64x86]

Guitar amplifier built on the amplifier Marshall
Year / Date of Issue : 05.2018
Version : v1.1.1
Publisher : Mercuriall
Website : Mercuriall
Format : VST, VST3, AAX *
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : Not required (Team VR)
System requirements :
Intel or AMD with SSE2 support,
2 cores ...

Positive Grid – BIAS AMP 2 Pack v2.1.0.870 eXTended CE (STANDALONE, VST, AAX) [Win x64]

System requirements :
Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8, 10
4GB of RAM minimal, 8GB or more recommended
1.5GHz Dual core processor minimum, 2.0GHz Dual core or more recommended
250MB free disk space

Year / Date of Issue : 03/24/2018
Version : v2.1.0.870
Developer : Positive Grid ...

Sample Modeling – SWAM Soprano Sax, Soprano and Bass Clarinets v2.5.3 (VSTi, AAX) [Win x64]

Year / Date of Issue : June 30, 2017
Version : 2.5.3
Developer : Sample Modeling
Developer’s site :
Sample Modeling Sax
Sample Modeling Clarinets
Format : VSTi, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista or XP, 32 or 64 bit

ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 (VSTi, RTAS) [Win x86]

Year / Release Date : 2009
Version : v2.2.0
Developer : ReFX
Developer’s site : ReFX
Format : VSTi, RTAS
Bit depth : 32bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements :
VST or AAX host software
Pentium class 1.5 GHz processor with SSE2 support
2GB of RAM (8GB or more highly recommended)

Native Instruments – Kontakt 5.8.1 (STANDALONE, VSTi, AU) [MacOSX x64]

Kontakt is the standard in the world of samplers. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 provides a set of high-quality filters, ranging from classic analog circuits and models with variable state to modern format filters. Some of the 37 new filters use the new Adaptive Resonance concept, which automatically manages filter characteristics to prevent unple...

XLN Audio – Addictive Drums 2.1.5 Complete Collection (STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Addictive Drums is a drum studio that includes complete sets of different drum sets

Year / Release Date : 2017
Version : 2.1.5
Developer : XNL Audio
Developer’s site :
Format : VSTi / Standalone / AAX
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit

XLN Audio – Addictive Keys 1.1.4 Complete (STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Addictive Keys is a powerful tool for musicians, producers and composers, setting a new standard for the quality of virtual keyboard instruments. With its audio capabilities, flexible workflow and fast loading time, Addictive Keys is suitable for all styles and musical genres.


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